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History of Waltham

Waltham comes from the Anglian ‘wald’ meaning a ‘forest, high forest land’ and the Old English ‘hām’ as a ‘village, homestead’; therefore a ‘forest homestead/village’.

Waltham parish church is a Grade: I listed building, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. The Normans built the nave in the 12th century and added the chancel, tower and porch in the following 100 years. They installed the windows in the 13th and 14th centuries. Joseph Hatch cast his first bell in 1602, and three more in 1631. In 1757, the Reverend Brian Faussett stated that there were four bells, whereas Edward Hasted notes only one bell in 1800. In 1808, an unknown architect rebuilt the tower on the 13th century foundations. John Taylor cast two bells in 2000 to augment the ring to six, and rehung in time for Christmas, and dedication on 24 February 2001.