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History of Thanington

Thanington comes from the Old English words ‘ing’ as a ‘connective particle, linking the first and last elements’ with ’tūn’ meaning an ‘enclosure, a farmstead, a village’ combined with a warlord’ name; therefore, ‘farm/settlement connected with Tan/Tana’.

Thanington parish church is a Grade: II listed building, dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It dates to the 12th century, with much rebuilding in the following 100 years. Joseph Hatch cast and hung a tenor bell in 1623 and a treble the following year. In 1638, John Palmer cast the middle bell. In 1800, Edward Hasted described the church, in his topographical survey, as being ‘small, consisting of one isle, a high chancel, and another on the south side, having a small pointed turret on the middle of the north side, in which hang three bells. It is an antient building.’ William Butterfield heavily restored the Thanington church in 1846. For an unknown reason, it became necessary to rebuild the tower in 1865. Gillett and Johnston cast two trebles, as a war memorial, in 1948, and John Taylor added another treble 20 years later, to complete six bells…. more