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History of Swingfield

Swingfield comes from the Old English ‘swin’ meaning a ‘swine, pig’, with ‘feld’ as ‘open country, unencumbered ground’; therefore, ‘open land where pigs are kept’.

Swingfield church is a Grade: I listed building, dedicated to Saint Peter. It originates from the 11th century, although rebuilt in the 13th century, with the erection of the tower 200 years later. There is a record of three bells in 1552, although, 1796 saw the sale of two trebles. In 1799 Edward Hasted wrote in his topographical survey that the Swingfield church ‘consists of one isle and one chancel, having a square tower, with a beacon turret at the west end, in which is one bell’. The Victorians restored the church in 1870. In 2000, it passed into the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.