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History of Oad Street

Oad Street is a small hamlet, within the parish of Borden.

In 1798, Edward Hasted in his Topographical Survey writes of Oad Street. ‘On the opposite side from Sutton Barne is the hamlet of Wood, formerly, called Hode-street, situated on high ground; at a small distance eastward from which is a long tract of woodland, in which there is a great plenty of chesnut stubs, whence they are usually known by the name of chesnut woods. These woods reach down the side of the hill to the Detling road, and the western boundary of this parish

In 1695, in the sinking of a cellar by Dr. Plot, at Sutton Barne, several Roman bricks were found, with their edges upward, much like those, he says, which had been turned up at the antient Roman Sullonicæ, near Ellestre, in Middlesex; and near Hoadstreet was, about the same time, found an antient British coin’.

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