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Churchill's Sanctury
Memories of Kingsnorth Airfield
Henry VIII and Tudaor Kent
Parliamentary Representation
History of Kent Airfields
Towns & Villages recently added to Kent Past


Welcome to the new look and title of the Kent Past newsletter.


Kent Past Times will be a monthly issue and include a lot more articles than in previous newsletters, together with updates of changes to the Kent Past website.


Many changes have taken place on the website since the last newsletter we now have a bookshop, powered by Amazon.co.uk, the most trusted and reliable bookseller on the internet. The initial batch of books has been chosen both for merit and topic diversity. We would be pleased to print any book reviews submitted.


Another new feature is a timeline  of Kent, which will gradually be linked to the towns and village history sections to add perspective.


Finally, I have often been asked how Kent Past is funded, as we do not ask for subscriptions or membership, instead rely on advertising, every time an advert is clicked we receive a small amount.


I hope you find the new style enjoyable, and tell others, if not tell us.


Best wishes


Dr Steve Sidders


Churchill's Sanctury 

ChartMuch is known of the professional

life of Sir Winston Churchill, the

interior aspects of his personal life, however, remain relatively unexamined-and underappreciated. ...more

Memories of Kingsnorth Airfield 
KingsnorthThe Advanced Landing Ground at Kingsnorth near Ashford, Kent was built in June 1943. I was 14 years old and lived about half a mile away from the airfield. I have no photographs of the airfield as I had neither a camera, nor permission from the station commander. ....more
Henry VIII and Tudor Kent
Henry VIIIThroughout his reign, King Henry VIII had a special relationship with Kent. The Garden of England, on his London doorstep, was an escape and playground, a gateway for royal travels to the Continent, and a first line of defence against invasion. Nevertheless, how much do you really know about England's most charismatic king? Discover the fascinating facts that bring to life his rule and personality.....more
Parliamentary Representation
Originally, parliaments were formed as advisors to the king. They consisted of noblemen, members of the aristocracy and two elected representatives from each county called 'Knights of the Shire'. ....more
History of Kent Airfields
AirfieldsWhenever one thinks of Kent during the Second World War, invariably one iconic image stands out above all others: the Spitfire, which symbolises the struggle during the early years of the war. Fuelled by romantic images of tired but jovial pilots relaxing in deck chairs between sorties on hot, sunny days on rural airfields, with the gentle drone of spitfires in the background. Consequently, these airfields are almost as celebrated as the aircraft based there. ....more 
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