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History of Hildenborough

Hildenborough comes from the Anglian ‘hyll’ meaning a ‘hill, natural eminence or elevated piece of ground’ and the Kentish word ‘denn’ as ‘woodland pasture’ with the Old English ‘borg’ for a ‘pledge, security’; therefore, a ‘woodland-pasture on or by a hill’, with the affix borg – borough  added in 1349  -  being a borough (tithing) of Tonbridge.

Hildenborough parish church is a Grade: II listed building, dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist. The Victorian architect Ewan Christian built it in 1834, following the creation of the parish due to the population growth in Tonbridge. In 1846, F W Hunt carried out additional works and addressed the seating issues.

Hildenborough railway station opened on the South Eastern Railway’s Tonbridge cut-off line – reducing the journey time from London Bridge to Tonbridge -  on 1 May 1868…. more