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History of Chestfield

Chestfield became the family name of a Norman Knight, who owned the manor until the early 1300’s. The Domesday Book recorded Chestfield as Chestwill.

In the early part of the 20th century, Abe Mitchell converted the manor barn into a club house, to service the 700 acre golf course, constructed in 1924 by George Reeves. The barn is the oldest golf club house in the country.

George Reeves, a developer, moved into the manor in 1920, and spent the next 20 years, until his death in 1941, setting the course for an expanded Tudor village of new homes and amenities.

ChestfieldSwalecliffe railway station was a later addition to the former London Chatham & Dover Railway’s route to Thanet, opening after the Grouping by the Southern Railway on 6 July 1930. Originally known as 'Swalecliffe Halt', it later became 'Chestfield & Swalecliffe Halt', then just 'Chestfield' in 1987. This again reverted back to 'Chestfield & Swalecliffe' station in 1989.