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History of Aylesham

Aylesham comes from the Old English ‘ham’ meaning a ‘farm, homestead’ combined with a personal name; therefore ‘Ægel’s homestead’.

For centuries,
Aylesham had been just open fields. Then in 1926, Dorman and Long designed a village to house miners working at the, already established, Snowdown colliery and the newly sunk shaft at Adisham. Following the general strike miners, who were in fear of losing their jobs, moved from all parts of the UK, especially the coalfield's in Scotland, Wales and the north of England, to the newly developing Aylesham. 

Aylesham church is dedicated to Saint Peter and built by Dorman and Long in the 1920’s as a combined church and hall.

Aylesham Halt opened on the Southern Railway’s line to Snowdown Colliery, on 1 July 1928…. more